Welcome to our new blog…

Welcome to our new blog…first person to leave a comment on what the name of the blog refers to will win a prize at the next Saturday bible study.   I hope to use this blog as a way for us to communicate and I will try to post some fresh material here a few times a week.

We will also use this to keep you up to date on our schedule.



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7 Responses to Welcome to our new blog…

  1. Julie Scase says:

    Good idea! My guess, “Please, send me your grace”
    We’ll miss you guys tonight!

  2. walter scase says:

    please, serve mightly your God

    I think julie has the winner.

    • ex3318 says:

      That also would be a good one, but it is not correct. Keep thinking… 🙂

      You could try “Someone Milked Your Goat”, or “Please, Send Me Your Gourds”…

  3. walter says:

    please, show me your glory

  4. walter scase says:

    show me your glory. updates?

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