Your Contribution

So far I have been the only one making posts on the blog, but we are going to try something this week…

Starting today, and running through Saturday, I would like for YOU to post something that you have learned this week through your personal bible study or reading, something the Lord has done for you, or just encouragement or exhortation for the rest of us.

To post something, just reply to this post.  Then, if you want to read what others are saying, just continue to look at this post during the week.  I will have additional posts during the week, so you will have to scroll down to this post to see other replies.  Also, notice on the right side of the page, that you can subscribe to this blog to see when others post.  You can also set that up in your profile.

Have fun!


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3 Responses to Your Contribution

  1. Dona Gandee says:

    One thing I have to remind myself of is when I ask God for help in a problem in my life is Psalm 46-10.Be still and know I am God.Sometimes i still try to fix the situation myself but if i step back and leave in it Gods hand thats when I see things change.

  2. Julie Scase says:

    Been thinking about the heritage I pass on to my kids. The kings in the Bible really had trouble instilling multi-generational willingness to obey/love God; even the good kings! So what should I be most focused on in myself and as a goal for my kids to purpose to become? Simply put, what one thing would be the most important trait I would wish to pass on to my kids? (besides the all-encompassing “godliness” or “holiness”–much as I wish I could attain those!)

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