Exploring God’s Commitment to “His name”

I said I would post the verses that we flew through last week…so here they are.  Take a few minutes and enjoy reading about God’s purpose in exalting His own name to all the earth.

Ps 20 Trust in His Name

Deut 5:11

Ex 3: 13-14; 34:5-7

Prov 22:1; Is 30:27

Why didn’t God annihilate the Egyptians in one quick act?  Why drag it out?  Here is the answer…Ex 9:16 (Rom 9:17)

One of the themes of Ezekiel: God will vindicate his name: Ez 36:20-23, 39:25, Is 48:9-11, Dan 9:19, Ps 25:11, Ps 79:9

1 John 2:12

1 Sam 12:22; Jer 13:11; Is 43:21; 2 Sam 7:23; 1 Pet 2:9; Acts 4:8-12, 9:16, 21:13; Rom 1:5; Rev 2:13: Is 64:1-2;

Rom 10:13, Prov 20:11 Run to His Name! Take Refuge in it!

Phil 2:9-10

John 17:11-12 (Thanks, Julie for this one!)

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