Share the Good News of Christmas

Just thinking ahead a little. Here is a blurb from the blog at Crossway:

What’s your church up to this Christmas? Crossway is pleased to announce the launch of Share the Good News of Christmas 2010! Share the Good News of Christmas is designed to help churches connect with their community, reach out with the gospel, and invite people to their Christmas service. On a larger scale, we invite you to join Crossway and churches across the nation and the globe to share the gospel with one million homes this holiday season!

How does it work?

The program is centered around gift bags that contain:

* ESV Share the Good News Outreach New Testament
* A Good News of Christmas gospel tract
* A customizable invitation to your church’s Christmas event

You can order Share the Good News of Christmas by the kit directly from Crossway or from your local Christian bookstore (in participating locations). Each kit is $50 and has supplies for 50 gift bags. Your family, small group, or Sunday school class can work together to invite your neighbors to a Christmas service or event at your church.

How can you and your church get involved?

Visit to learn more, to purchase, or to find your local Christian retail store.

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