New Location: Boys and Girls Club

As of Saturday, September 11, we will be meeting at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club in Marion.  The meeting time will remain at 6:30.

There are many reasons for excitement over this new venue!  It will provide a gym and classroom space (a very nice building if you haven’t been there) for us during the winter months.  We plan to meet most every week, instead of our current routine (more about that later).  And it gives us a common, public place to meet so that we can invite friends who normally wouldn’t go to someone’s home to meet.

We have prayed for the Lord to provide a place to meet for some time now, and we thank Him for this opportunity.  Please continue to pray for this next step, that the Lord would lead us, that and that we would submit to his authority in everything we do.  May his name be hallowed on Saturday evenings at the Boys and Girls Club.

Laura and I have really enjoyed having you all in our home over the past four months.  We have been very blessed by the communion we have had with all of you on Saturday evenings.  We are looking forward to see what the Lord will do in this next step, but more importantly, we are looking forward to more of the same with all of you.

Lord, please, show us your glory.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, and we will see you on the 11th!


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One Response to New Location: Boys and Girls Club

  1. walter scase says:

    May God receive all glory. May this allow us to reach out to others in the love Christ, that they would be able to join us, and that they would hear the Gospel.

    Hope that you all continue to come, to share and to grow together in Christ, in knowledge of our God and develop relationships with each other. May we continue to be a community united in Christ.

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