What is the preeminent totalitarian threat of our time?

I am going to veer off the normal course of topics posted here…

From the Center for Security Policy, read how Islamic Shariah law, according to a group of top security policy experts, is the preeminent threat of our time.  Below is a quote from the executive summary of the document:

“The good news is that millions of Muslims around the world – including many in America – do not follow the directives of shariah, let alone engage in jihad. The bad news is that this reality reflects the fact that the imposition of strict shariah doctrine is at different stages across Muslim-majority and -minority countries.The appearance is thus created that there is variation in shariah. Of late, representatives of Muslim and Arab-American groups8 and their apologists9 have been claiming that there is no single shariah, that it is
subject to interpretation and no one interpretation is any more legitimate than any other.
In fact, for especially the Sunni and with regard to non-Muslims, there is ultimately but one shariah.  It is totalitarian in character, incompatible with our Constitution and a threat to freedom here and around the world. Shariah’s adherents are making a determined, sustained, and well-financed effort to impose it on all Muslims and non-Muslims, alike.

That effort is abetted enormously by several factors. Too many Muslims, to borrow a metaphor from Mao, provide the sea in which the jihadis swim. By offering little meaningful opposition to the jihadist agenda and by meekly submitting to it, a large number of Muslim communities and nations generally project a tacit agreement with jihadis’ ends, if not with their means. At the very least, they exhibit an unwillingness to face the consequences of standing up to shariah’s enforcers within Islam. Such consequences include the distinct
possibility of being denounced as an apostate, a capital offense under shariah.”

I would encourage you to read the rest of the executive summary…

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